What categories for the OpenTURNS forum?

Hi !
We may consider select appropriate categories for the forum.
The following categories seems appropriate to me:

  • Announcements: releases, user’s day, training sessions, conferences, sprints, call for papers.
  • Python usage: how to use the Python interface of OpenTURNS, combine classes, tips, use OpenTURNS modules, installation on Linux/Windows/Mac, use conda, pip or Debian packages, UQ benchmarks.
  • Use cases: OpenTURNS in applied engineering studies, including mechanical engineering, CFD, chemical engineering, link with other softwares (e.g. SALOME, Aster, Saturne, etc…).
  • Developer’s corner: current development on the library on github, future developments, request new classes.
  • Uncertainty methodology: theory of UQ, hypotheses, derivations, proofs, algorithms, bibliographical references, research papers.

Are there other categories which may be interesting?
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Hello, this seems good to me !

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Didn’t you forget “Site feedback” ? :wink:

From my point of view, the choice depends on the possibility to provide some specific tags to each discussion.
Is it possible or not ?
Indeed, I think it is necessary to identify all the discussions about polynomial chaos for example.

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This is an excellent idea. Fortunately, Discourse supports tags!
I created a few:

If I understand it well, we can add up to 5 tags to a message.
If you feel that more of them may be useful or that I created too much of them, please feel free to reply.
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What about “Feature Requests”? Does it go with “Development” for the moment?

I’ve already posted a feature request in the “Python usage” category:

I think the drawback of a specific category for feature requests is that sometimes, the requested feature already exists but is not well documented and thus unknown to the requester. In such cases we would have to move the thread to another category.

A “feature-request” category would be overkill, but a tag would be useful. Fortunately, I already created it: feature-request!

Where can we find the list of available tags?

The “optional tags” entry appears when we create a new message:

Yes, but I don’t see how we can view the entire list of tags. We have to try to guess which tags could be available in order to view suggestions.