OpenTURNS User's day 2021

Dear OpenTURNS users,

The OpenTURNS User’s day will take place on two half days on friday 11th June and monday 21th June, in the morning (as a random variable uniform in the interval [9h, 12h] :slight_smile: ).

The goal of this meeting is to present the use of OpenTURNS in engineering or research uncertainty quantification studies. Topics covered are uncertainty propagation, probabilistic modeling with or without dependence, reliability, bayesian inversion, sensitivity analysis, screening, metamodels (polynomial chaos, kriging, low rank tensors, etc…), numerical integration, spectral methods (e.g. Karhunen-Loève decompositions), robust optimization or any other topic in the UQ field. This may include a straightforward use of the Python library, of the C++ library or a use of the library within another software (e.g. PERSALYS, SALOME, etc…).

If you wish to do so, please submit your candidate 30 minutes talk (questions included) by an email to with

[OpenTURNS User’s Day]

in the topic, and:

  • a title,
  • a list of co-authors,
  • an abstract of your talk (from 10 to 20 lines)
  • and bibliographical references.

We will gather the candidate contributions until Friday, 23th April and contact the authors after review of candidate talks and decision of the technical committee.

On behalf of OpenTURNS technical committee,

Michaël Baudin

The content of the previous User’s day is available at:

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here is the program: