Options to draw graph for HSIC

Hello everybody
I begin to use HSIC modul with openturns
I would like to know if it is possible to change the input parameters flags on graph
By default it is ‘X1’, ‘X2’ etc
But in my case input parameter numerotation is discontinuous (‘P6’, ‘P9’, ‘P16’, ‘P17’ etc)
I managed to change the main title
But I do not see any option in graph class to modifiy these “flag names” for each point on these graphs
I also defined a description for my sample, but it seems not to be used

Any idea or suggestion to change this ?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Flore,

Once you have produced your graph (let’s call it graph_hsic) you just have to extract the last drawable, change its behavior and put it back into the graph:

dr = graph_hsic.getDrawables()
dr[-1] = ot.Text(dr[-1].getData(), ["Y1", "Y3", "Y9"])

and you are done!



maybe it would be better to reuse the input sample description by default:

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