Openturns in Salome-Meca


i would like to ask and discuss the methodology i use between studies in Salome Meca and Openturns.
The current procedure i use is the following:
I am creating the study in Aster_Study and define the parameters i want to see in OT environment. I proceed then to define the output with IMPR_TABLE in a numpy array so when i ask it to export the study in OT it can relate between the variables and the numpy array. From what i have seen i can define only one table to querry each time. So all the outputs i want to receive must be located in that table.
Now, once i have the variables and the outputs with some use of python lists i define the different columns and rows for the models definition. I proceed then to define the statistical model in which a design of experiments is done and evaluated.

In this part i want to ask if there is a way, to surpass the connection with that OT has with the YACS module to augment the velocity of the evaluation ?

Once i have the evaluation, i can proceed to define a metamodel and then turn the metamodel into a physical model, if the validation is high enough, which means it can reproduce (predict (?)) the outputs of the study correctly.

Is there a way to save the model outside the environment of OT ?
Under the hypothesis that i have received new outputs from an experiment, is it possible to query the metamodel so i can calibrate the initial parameters on the new information?

Thank you very much!

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What time is required by one single call to the simulator?
Using the YACS layer allows to execute remotely the computations, which requires 10s or so by evaluation: if your calculation requires less than that, avoiding to use YACS may indeed accelerate the speed.
You can save the PERSALYS study as a XML file, but I do not think that you can save it outside of OT.
I suggest to post a topic on, where PERSALYS users gather.


by doing a design of experiments of 300 simulations, i wait for around 6 hours.
The simulation is done on a CALC_MODES analysis that of a structure where i define as inputs material properties and as outputs the resulting frequencies.
I have seen that an xml file is generated. I haven’t tried exporting it outside the Salome Meca enviroment.

NonLinear Analysis in salome meca 2019. shows error, no output.

Does OT in SM2019, only supports Static Analysis.
Below link already posted in codeaster forum, has no responce.

I expect reply from OT Forum.

Hi !
I suggest to post this topic at, where other users of SALOME may have a better explanation for this issue.