KernelSmoothing Warning

I allow myself to ask a question in this forum because i want to use the Kernel Smoothing method in order to build a generic PDF for my experimental data i used this statement to create the distribution:

loaded_sample = ot.Sample.ImportFromTextFile(path)
ks = ot.KernelSmoothing()
fitted_dist =

But doing this gives me an error that i never had when a used the kde method from scipy:
WRN - Warning! The distribution number 1023 has a too small weight=0 for a relative threshold equal to Mixture-SmallWeight=1e-12 with respect to the maximum weight=13.0606. It is removed from the collection.

I don’t really understand it, and it does this for 1023 points.

I hope i’ll find some help here.
Thank you very much
PS : I did not know in which language to write, so if you want to answer in french i understand

Hi @WinterSpark and sorry for the late answer. This warning is probably not important, but maybe you can tell us a little more about your dataset. What is its dimension? Are there repeated points in the dataset? If you could share it, we could perhaps try to reproduce the warning.