Error Latex with plotEE Morris method

I had following error while using plotEE from otmorris. See joined screenshots.


To avoid this error I comment lines in my own ‘’ related with :

# matplotlib.rc('text', usetex=True)
# matplotlib.rcParams['text.latex.preamble'] = [r"\usepackage{amsmath}"]

and then I changed a little bit axis labels (I don’t use boldstyle anymore).

It’s weird this error. I 'm not used to use ‘latex’ in my python scripts, so I did not installed Latex python modules. Is this the reason why I had this error ?

My Python environment is Anaconda (with python 3.7 or 3.8). I did not install other modules, just openturns and otmorris.

Is there any other requirements (python moduls to add …) to run methods from openturns and otmorris ?

Thanks for all


Hi Flore,

You get this error because this module is loosely packaged, which is a shame…

The modules are developed independently from the main library and the developers are free to adopt different coding rules, we (the OT team) provide a template and an infrastructure to host the modules and package them, but they are not reviewed by the OT team (at least not by the whole team).

In my opinion, it is crazy to add a dependence to amslatex (which is HUGE) only to get bold greek letters! I will open a dedicated issue on the OT github page.



This is fixed now: Drop latex symbols by jschueller · Pull Request #50 · openturns/otmorris · GitHub.